The History of Sonartech ATLAS

Formed in 1987 Sonartech Pty Ltd established itself as a provider of bespoke acoustic processors for RAN submarines.  In the mid 90’s the company’s reputation and capabilities attracted interest from Atlas Elektronik GmbH and in 1998 Sonartech Atlas Pty Ltd was created as a Joint Venture between Sonartech Pty Ltd and STN Atlas Elektronik GmbH.  Sonartech Atlas has now become a significant development centre in the field of passive intercept and ranging systems for the greater Atlas Elektronik organisation and these systems are provided to the world market today as fully integrated capabilities within the ISUS and CSU submarine combat and sonar systems.

In 2006 the company expanded its capabilities and product line through the acquisition of Acoustic Technologies Pty Ltd.  Founded in 1989 Acoustic Technologies was recognised as a leader in the development and delivery of secondary and tertiary acoustic analysis systems (now the standard used in the ADF), data recording systems and systems for receiving and processing sonobuoy data.

In 2008 Sonartech effected an asset purchase of the Australian entity, Atlas Hydrographic, which was the result of a decision in 2006 to return the corporate headquarters of Atlas Hydrographic to Germany.  Extant contracts were, in consultation with relevant customers, novated across to Sonartech to ensure services and supplies continued to be delivered seamlessly and without any compromises.

The Company now has a product line and services which centre on acoustic systems in a broad range of applications, from collection and recording through to replay and analysis, across submarine, surface and airborne platforms.  The company has successfully produced and fielded acoustic processors, sonobuoy receivers, data recorders, sonar simulators and post mission analysis tools in ADF platforms.

1987 Sonartech Pty Ltd formed
1989 First PIPRS Delivered to the RAN. Ping Intercept Passive Ranging Sonar (PIPRS) is the first Australian Designed and Developed Submarine Sonar
1992 Developed Submarine Acoustic Array Processing System (SAAPS) an Acoustic Processor for Submarine Towed and Flank Arrays later installed into Oberon Class
1998 Sonartech Pty Ltd and STN Atlas Elektronik GmbH establish Sonartech Atlas Pty Ltd as a joint venture
1999 Developed Raptor sonobuoy processors for SEA 1100 Project
1999 Sonartech Atlas becomes lead entity for Atlas Elektronik’s interests in Australia
1999 Sonartech Atlas contracted to deliver sonars for the Collins Class Combat System Augmentation program
2000 Acoustic Technologies Tertiary Acoustic Analysis System delivered to Australian Defence Force
2001 Supplied Sonix Multi-Static processors to JP 1441 (Bi-Static Barra)
2002 Supplied Sonar Data Recording Systems for SEA 1446 Combat System Augmentation(CSA) for Collins Class SM
2003 First Intercept Detection and Ranging System (IDRS) delivered to Atlas Elektronik
2004 Sonix system installed on HMAS NEWCASTLE for Torpedo Defence
2005 100th Tertiary Acoustic Analysis system delivered
2005 Sonix system installed on HMAS SYDNEY for Torpedo Defence
2005 Supplied Sonar Data Recording Systems for Collins Class Submarines under SEA 1439 Ph4
2006 Sonartech Atlas acquires Acoustic Technologies Pty Ltd
2008 Sonartech Atlas Corporate Office moves to Macquarie Park
2008 Sonartech Atlas acquires Atlas Hydrographic (Holdings) Pty Ltd
2009 Sonartech Atlas contracted to deliver Digital Voice Recording Systems to the RAN for installation into ANZAC Class and Minor War Vessels