The Company

SONARTECH ATLAS is a systems engineering company specialising in the design and development of sonar systems for naval and civilian applications. The company has developed specialised sonars and related technology for applications ranging from submarines and mine warfare to hydrographic surveying and oceanographic research.

SONARTECH ATLAS is Australia's leading submarine sonar house with a proven track record in the design, manufacture and support of submarine sonars for the Royal Australian Navy, United States Navy and a number of NATO navies. The company's submarine sonar products include the Intercept Detection and Ranging Sonar that provides target ranging information from a single intercept. Other submarine sonar products include towed and flank array processing systems, and broadband passive ranging sonars.

SONARTECH ATLAS has advanced sonar research and development facilities combined with an extensive capability in systems engineering, software and hardware development, verification and validation, logistic support and project management. The company has applied these capabilities for the development of other sonars and related systems including high performance active multibeam sonars, processing systems for the detection of buried mines, sub-bottom profiling sonars to operate in water depths up to 10,000m and survey planning and navigation software.

As a subsidiary of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH, SONARTECH ATLAS has been successfully integrated into ATLAS’ global supply chain, whilst maintaining its ability to operate independently to meet the needs of its customers.  



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